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April 04, 2009


Ashley S.

These are really beautiful. So inspiring.


AMAZING!!!! All of them look fantastic... Can't wait for more!


Wonderful! You are a naturally gifted! SO glad you're back!

Jennie Karges

its about time! ;] nikaela i love your work I really cannot wait to see what you have come up with for kyle and I!!!!!! agg its so beautiful. I wish i had your gift.


Good to see you back! Beautiful photos!

Susan Sorensen

I'm so glad you're back Nikaela!! I've missed your photo's and your comments!! And, yes, I'm in favor of you going to Utah - in May- to take they're wedding pictures. They're a really cute couple! Loveyou.


I vote go to Utah! It'd be fun for you (and your parents - if you are going to the part of Utah they are in), plus this cute couple won't find anyone better to take their photos! I am SO glad you're back! I was wondering if you had a new blog and I didn't keep up! You are a wonderful photographer!


For their sake...AYE!!!! They'd be CRAZY NOT to have you do it!


I love the poses. Very creative!

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